Wednesday, December 3, 2008

At last a Binding!

My favorite stage in making a quilt is the binding. I have just received this quilt back from being longarm quilted and now I am cutting strips for the binding. I am using the red that you see in the quilt blocks for the binding. I love this fabric and I have made two quilts and a wall hanging from all the fat quarters and yardage that I collected.

I must say that I am particularly proud of this quilt. I designed it myself and spent a great deal of time coming up with the final fabric choices. It will be appearing in the next issue of Irish Quilting Magazine, the February issue, with the pattern and I 'm sure that the picture will be much better than this!!

I have been very sick the past week, in fact FarmerBoy is worried that I might end up with pneumonia. Hopefully it will pass within the next couple of days. Anywho, my little quilt over there might just be entered into a quilt contest at the local agricultural show this summer - I'm not really into competition but it might be fun to enter the local show.

Lots going on here at the farm. We will be lambing pretty soon and since FarmerBoy no longer has a job, it looks like it will be a bit easier for me this winter. We are very busy writing a business plan which involves our B&B and cycling and hill walking. Since we are dependent on tourism and that is going to take a huge hit this coming summer I pray that we manage to get enough business to help get us through next winter. FarmerBoy and I are doing what we do best and that is keeping our heads down and plowing ahead, thankfully we have each other to lean on and that makes all the difference.

Bye and keep smiling!!!!
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Henriette said...

Que tout ceci est joli, bravo!
Un amical bonjour de France

Rhonda said...

Pretty quilt! Hope you're feeling better. Being sick is no fun, all you want to do is curl up in a ball and hide.....
Take care.

Micki said...

Anne Marie,
I spent the good part of the early AM reading all your posts with a cup of coffee in my hand. It is a lovely story, and your B£B sounds wonderful! We do have a great deal in common.
Hope to hear from you soon,
In Dunfanaghy

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Lovely've done a great job.

Kathie said...

congrats on having a quilt published, I haven't seen that magazine yet here in the USA...will look for it.