Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Tourist Season has Begun!!

We have just completed our first Cycling Tour with the most fantastic people and it went better than expected!! We need to do some tweaking and make a few changes but that was to be expected.

We took a break from all our work one weekend and took the kids out for a cycle. This hill was a bit of a problem, in fact we scrapped this route from our tours -- too hilly. Although if you are an avid cyclist we have an alternative route and this is the hill you would be going down!!! Needless to say, my children were cursing me under there breath while I took this photo. FarmerBoy and DS2 were behind me and there was quite a bit of mumbling going on with them as well!!!
Today, was like Christmas of sorts. I received my first shipment of fabric for my little shop!!! 50 bolts of Moda Marbles. They are 4.5metere bolts which is perfect for a small operator like myself and a great way to bulk up your shelves without spending a fortune. I have ordered 16 bolts of Thimbleberries and they will be shipped out in June from the states (I can't wait to see if I make out better purchasing through the states). I am also considering another order of some Henry Glass fabric that I have had my eye on.

After the Spring Market I will be putting in an order with Moda for some of their upcoming lines. As well as purchasing some nice patterns. I have a small budget to get this up and running so hopefully I will make some good choices - - I will be doing some serious praying!!!!!

I have been spending what little free time I have had putting together some nifty little classes that I am going to offer this Autumn and Winter. Please send me lots of good vibes!!!!
See that big patch of dirt??? That is our vegetable garden, all 45 ft x 90 ft of it! We have sown about 500 potato seed and we are going to be constructing a 20 ft x 13 ft poly tunnel on it tomorrow. We have broccoli, beets, turnip, pumpkins, strawberries, beans, parsnips, carrots and cabbage!!!! In the poly tunnel there will be tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, courgettes and basil. We are so exhausted from all of this but it will be well worth it when all is said and done.

Well, I am off now to the Garden Center. I need to buy special spray for our potatoes since we have already had blight warnings!!!! I also have to replace some of my strawberry plants, it appears that the sheep love strawberry plants!!!! This prompted FarmerBoy to go out and put up the electric fencing!!!!

Bye All!!!!
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