Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baby has two Babies!!!!!

You must be thinking, this woman has way too much time on her hands???!!!

I have the pleasure of announcing that the first of our lambs arrived this morning!!! And to make the moment even more special, the twin lambs are the offspring of my daughter's pet ewe! Her name is Baby, she was orphaned at birth and we hand reared her. The year baby was born we had 7 pet lambs and she was the only girl lamb or for you farm gals out there a ewe lamb. Our children were allowed to pick a lamb and they would receive the financial benefits when the lamb was sold but only if the bottle fed and cared for them. My little girl of course picked the only girl lamb and the boys picked ram lambs or for you city girls - boy lambs!!

When the lambs were sold there were alot of tears, hysteria and mayhem. FarmerBoy had to actually bring one of the boy lambs back from the factory because one son was so upset. All the farmers were having a good chuckle about the pickle he was in, probably were there once themselves. The hardest lesson to teach children on a farm is that the animals are raised for a purpose. That is why we take such good care of them, they are part of our livelihood.

Our daughter is the smart one in the group, she kept baby for breeding. She received no financial reward that summer but FarmerBoy promised that one day she will reap many rewards. Last year Baby lost her lamb at birth, FarmerBoy and I were on the verge of tears that night. We had to do surgery on her out in the field at night with lamps. It was soo sad.... Now look, here they are!!!!!

DD will be home from school soon and once she hears that Baby had twins you can bet she will be out there chatting away to them before sundown.
They are soooo cute, not the smartest animals but cute.
You can tell that Baby was a pet, she let me get so close to her and her children and never once got anxious.

Bye and keep smiling!!!!!
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VerrySherry said...

oh how cute. Wow, the story of pets on farms and factories and tears and oh my. but good ending.

Rhonda said...

What little cuties they are.

quiltmom said...

Hi Anne Marie.
I came to visit via my friend Micki to see your lovely blog. The sheep were cute and I am jealous of all that beautiful green that you are surrounded with because here in Alberta were are surrounded by lovely but cold snow. The temperature has dropped this passed couple of weeks and so it makes it fairly unpleasant to spend time outside.
I think your Quilt with the panel is quite funky and the kids will enjoy wrapping themselves up in it over the holidays.
Have a terrific festive season- if you get a chance come and visit my blog.
Regards from an Anna Marie ( that is my proper name though I only use Anna these day)..

Carolien said...

What a lovely story about your lambs! DD must have been thrilled about the twins! And they were early indeed! Lovely.

Greetings, Carolien