Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas quilt update!!!

This has been my challenge! I am making a quickie Christmas quilt, not an heirloom and knowing my children there will be food stains, something that will be cute but very utilitarian!!!

I bought a jelly roll and layer cake of Mary Engelbreit's Isn't Christmas Jolly? fabric while in the states. I tossed in a coordinated panel and three yards of fabric, all on sale making this even more enjoyable!!!!! I have been struggling with what to do with it, tick tock Christmas is coming and another project is sitting left undone. As my daughter says easy peasy lemon squeezey, keep it simple. I cut the layer cake up into 4 1/2" squares, the jelly roll was cut up into 8 1/2" strips and 4 1/2" strips. Split the squares into two separate piles. Take one pile of squares and coordinate with 2 41/2" strips to each square and sew to opposite sides of said square!! Next pile do the same and then add the 8 1/2" strips to the 2 remaining opposite sides of the square. Lay them out and aim for a 52 1/2" strip.

Now I have to figure out the placement of the panel. I am making this quilt reversible, not using backing. I have enough blocks to do the front and back because I am using the panel in the middle of the front. I should have enough yardage to do a border on both sides and a bias binding. I am flying by the seat of my pants on this project so hopefully it will turn out alright!!!!

It is cold and wet here in my part of Ireland right now, a perfect day for quilting. I want to light a fire before the children get home from school but I am too lazy to go out side and fill my coal bucket.... I wonder where FarmerBoy is?????? Funny how he shows up whenever I'm cooking lunch and then very quietly disappears again, hmmm!!!! Maybe if I burn my cinnamon candle he will reappear looking for dessert -- then beg and plead with him to go outside and get my coal!!! Or maybe I should appeal to his male ego and play the meek and mild damsel in distress, throw in a few whimpers (what???? my daughter does it all the time and she has him wrapped around her little finger!!!!), maybe that will work!!!!

Oh and by the way, those are FarmerBoy's shoes in the window in the last picture. We really do run a first class operation here contrary to what you might see in some of these pictures!!!!!

Bye and keep smiling!!!
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Rhonda said...

I like what you're doing....flying by the seat of your pants. Sometimes you get wonderful surprises. Take care.