Monday, December 15, 2008

Back in the Saddle!!!

Good Morning!!!! After taking 3 prescription medications over the past several days, I am glad to say that I am almost back in the saddle!

On this bitter cold December morning I am working on a Christmas quilt, my friend Rosie is warming up the fabric for me!! I picked up this Mary Engelbreit Christmas Fabric while in the States in October. Jelly Roll and Layer Cake.

I am doing something very quick and requires very little thinking. Last night I cut it all up and started chain piecing at lightening speed. I want something so simple that I can get it pieced, quilted and bound before the end of the week so that it can be enjoyed during Christmas.

Over here in Ireland everything shuts down during the week between Christmas and New Years, with of course the exception of most stores. Starting on Christmas eve and running until New Years there are nonstop movies on the telly and we tend to just hang out for the week watching movies going for walks either up in the mountains or along the coastline (lucky us we have the best of everything!!)

Food also plays a huge role!!! Lots of Turkey and ham, Christmas cake which is a really heavy fruit cake with marzipan icing, Christmas pudding with custard and candy... lots of cadbury chocolate!

My children and I are going to start making our traditional Christmas cookies later this week. I am becoming quite well known for my cookies, it is not a tradition here which is nice because giving them as gifts makes it all the more special.

I hope you are all getting on well with your Christmas preparations and don't get too stressed -- we certainly don't in this house!!!!

All the best and keep smiling!
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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be allowed in the inlaws house at Christmas without a big stack of sugar cookies and chocolate chips, but esp. the choc chips, lol!! And oddly enough....a pavlova is now another specialty though I learned that here!

What kinds of cookies do you make? I stick to those two, but should expand the repertoire for neighbor/teacher gift giving.