Monday, December 29, 2008

Intro to South Wexford Tour

I wanted to share the following slideshow with you. This will probably be the last one that I share since it is not quilt related and you are all probably finding this boring. I have a few quilt projects that I am going to start working on as well as finishing up some old ones. So God willing I will have a few quilty posts coming up over the next few days!!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here in Wexford, my little sidekick and I decided to go and map out the last of our cycling routes (this just happens to be the longest one!!) and get some photos for our new website that hopefully will be launched by mid January. This is my favorite area of Wexford, maybe because it reminds me of Cape Cod. The Thatched houses that you see are in the village of Kilmore Quay, a small fishing village in South Wexford. It is the only remaining village in Ireland with a high proportion of thatched houses. I photographed a few for you but trust me there are lots!!! You start getting a little embarrassed taking photos of people's houses when you know that they can see you out the windows. I know that they are used to it but still!!!!

Wexford has a very rich history that stretches back to the Gaelic Kings and yet is the least promoted County in tourism terms. Wexford's rich agricultural heritage meant that it didn't need tourism dollars and therefore the historical sites are very quiet with few tourists. There is more history here than any other area of Ireland yet you would never know it!!! This has been a fun adventure for me having read a number of history books on Ireland and in particular Wexford.

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