Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Tonight, New Year's Eve finds us at home having a wonderful chicken curry dinner and playing games with the 3 musketeers! I have just completed a few little projects.

First, over there on the left is Block 7 on the Designer Mystery Block of the Month from the FatQuarter Shop . It arrived this morning and I took a break this afternoon from cleaning and cut all the fabric up!!! This evening I sat down and put it all together, I can't wait to see this completed which reminds me that I need to start cutting up the finishing kit.

Now for my second project, I have a flimsy that has been sitting in the pile for 2 1/2 years just waiting patiently to be completed. It is all 1930's reproduction fabrics, very easy pattern as you can see. I grew disinterested in it and put it away hoping that I would one day feel inspired to finish. Well, I have been practicing my machine quilting for the past two weeks. First I did some searching online and watched a number of very good instruction videos and then started practicing on paper like the instructors tell you do!!
I have now graduated to working with fabric. On one of the videos by Pat Sloan, she recommends using a small project and quilt several patterns on it, one in each block...

What a perfect use for this little quilt, I am going to put some borders on it and then prep it for quilting. In each block I am going to machine quilt all the little patterns that I have been practicing!! After it is finished I am going to hang it in my sewing area and use it as a reference (this will be interesting, if you knew me you would be laughing by now...) Wish me luck!! LOL This is the one area of quilting that I fear the most and need serious help in!!!

Wishing all of you a Happy New Year and many blessings for 2009!!!
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