Saturday, November 29, 2008

Getting closer to a finish!!!

I have no idea what just happened, but I just finished a post and it disappeared!!! Man that makes me mad!!!!!!

Anywho, my fine assistants were outside this morning inspecting all the frost. It is bitter cold here right now, no where near as cold as when I was growing up in New England but cold enough. We don't use our central heating unless absolutely necessary (you can see your breath upstairs it is so cold!!!!), rather we use our fireplaces to heat our family room/kitchen. A fire is started first thing in the morning and we keep it going all day. There is nothing more cheerful than a roaring fire on a cold winter day.

I worked diligently on Ciara's quilt and have just one butterfly to applique on the upper right corner of the quilt. While standing at a distance from the quilt I noticed that you can't see the applique because the fabric is so intense!!! Oh dear, we will just have to live with that. The wee ones won't mind!

I was thinking last night that you might be able to make one of these quilts with a layer cake. I used 21 Fat Quarters and the I was able to get two quilts from that amount so a layer cake might just do it. If that is the case then that would be a fairly inexpensive option for making a quick gift for someone. Of course you would need to be careful cutting since you would need every inch of fabric. I came up with this quick pattern because I wanted something that would show off the adorable fabrics and that would resemble a crazy patchwork quilt that appeared to have little pattern. I am not sure if I achieved what I set out to do but then that is what quilting is all about. The journey is more interesting and fun then the final result. I am usually so tired of the fabric by the time I finish with something that I don't always enjoy the final result until some time has passed.

Here is a close up of Ciara's name appliqued. Now I have to cut the borders and get them sewn on, machine quilt it and last but not least the binding... I am setting a goal to have all of this done by next weekend (personally I think that is a bit ambitious). Let's see what happens!

I am off to do some housework, if you saw the beloved boys bedrooms you would recommend that I use a shovel and wheelbarrow -- disgusting is being kind!!!!!

Bye and keep smiling!
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Rhonda said...

What wonderful quilts. I like the way you personalized them. The colors striking. Take care.

Carolien said...

Wow, these quilts are so full of colour, the people sleeping underneath them must be good tempered every day they look at them! I love them.

Bye! Carolien