Monday, November 24, 2008

Quilt for Ciara

Here is a peek at the next quilt. A couple of weeks ago I showed you a quilt I did for FarmerBoy's grandneice!!! Yes, his nephew had twin girls and I decided that it would be nice to give them each a quilt. The first quilt was pink and orange. The fabric is Lakehouse by Holly Holderman, it came in two colorways which was perfect for this project.

Little Ciara is going to have the purple and black!!!!! Yikes, did I say black!!!!!
I took the fabric to my quilting group and got the opinions of many women and we all decided that it would be stunning but I do need to add some of the pink and orange to lighten it up. So here is the result of my cutting.

I designed this quilt myself and it is super easy, just a lot of cutting and you can add some appplique to spice it up and draw your eye. This is going to be really pretty and the best part is that I will have enough for a third and fourth quilt for my little sidekick's room!!! Not bad for about 40 fat quarters...

The only problem that occurred while organizing this was typical of my stupidity!!! I had everything laid out on my big cutting mat which was sitting on my bed. I organized all of the different sizes and colors into piles for separate quilts -- keeping everything balanced. I would like to mention at this point that I have an antique four poster bed that is very high. I picked up the mat and started to turn so that I could put it in a safe spot and that is when the corner of the mat hit one of the posts, the mat bent downward and off slid all the fabric!!!!!!!! I could be heard in three counties, the language being rather colorful to say the least....... Now I have to sit down and reorganize it again!!!

I am hoping to get this done soon since I have so many quilts that need doing and some have deadlines. I also have a few patterns that need writing up and I haven't even given any thought to Christmas yet. I need more hours in my day....

Bye and keep smiling!!!!
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