Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Baby Quilt Start

Today I decided to make a start on little Ciara's quilt! I have all the small squares all sewn together and matched up with the other various squares to make up the first 1/4 of the quilt.

Tonight I will piece all of these pieces together and hopefully by the end of the week I should have the quilt top finished. After that I will begin to work a little magic in the applique department!!!!

So what do you think of the black??? I think this is going to be very cool for a little girl. It is probably a bit much for a new born baby but then babies grow very fast and this will be too cute for a little girl.... at least I hope so.

Sometimes it can be difficult making a quilt for someone else, you're never quite sure if you have really picked the colors that they will like. And worse case scenario, they may not like quilts and it gets tossed into the linen press....
Here is the right side of the quilt. I will update you as soon as I get the middle section done. I think the women in my quilt group were right when they recommended that I mix in some of the pink and orange.

Bye and keep smiling!!!!!
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