Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Long and Winding Road!

Hello everyone!! Sooo very sorry that I have been absent for the past week. I have been thinking about my blog and thinking about projects that need working on (that I would love to share), but to be honest with you I have been mostly trying to earn a living!!

Times are really tough right now for people all over the globe. FarmerBoy and I are very blessed in many ways but as some of you know we are facing some truly challenging economic problems in this house and my priorities are focused on those challenges, not quilting!! I have been finding it particularly difficult to focus on projects and sewing, my lack of interest and motivation makes me sad sometimes but this too shall pass. We faced yet another difficult challenge today and spent a good part of the day discussing how to overcome yet another hurdle!!! Enough said!

I hope that you will come back and visit and forgive me for my lack of inspirational posts -- hopefully by the end of this week we will have reached the end of this road and things will be looking a little bit more cheery!!!!

This picture is of a road that we love to travel on!!! I took this picture in November while FarmerBoy and I were out mapping our cycling routes. We never encounter cars on this road and it takes you up into the Mt. Leinster Park which has the most spectacular views of Carlow and Wicklow. I so wish that I could share this beautiful countryside with you!! Our business goal is to get people out of their rental cars and travel these back roads with us, this is the real Ireland!! Whenever I map out itineraries for people that are staying with me for a couple of days, they get a little nervous when I inform them they are hitting the back roads!! Trust me I tell them!!! I will send you to places and you will see things that are gorgeous and are not in your guide books. Well, they return to the house in the evening sooo excited and bursting to tell me about all the great villages and people that they met!!!!!

Now I just need to get my quilting mojo back!!!!!
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quiltmom anna said...

HI Anne Marie,
It sounds like you are doing the things that are important for your family right now - I love the pictures of the road - sometimes the roads less travelled are the most beautiful...
Take care of yourself -
Sometimes I put alot of pressure on myself to be quilting or doing more or .... you know what I mean - the list of shoulds go on and on-
and I find myself less productive and feeling worse about my self..
One does the best that they can each day - don't beat yourself up about all the other things -
As for blogging - I believe that it should be something that brings enjoyment and not be a job- You write a lovely blog when ever you write -
You will find your mo jo when the time is right..
Hang in there

Helen said...

I understand completely. Take care, Helen

Micki said...

The pic does remind me of a Frost poem, and I loved it. I wish that Joe and I could travel more, but we have two older dogs, so we are limited to day trips. Just enjoy your travels, and when you do write in your blog, I will thoroughly enjoy reading about your life.
Have fun!

Sherry said...

Hope your day is good today! Honestly, it is one day at a time. so much easier than said than done! Thinking of you.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Sounds like you are doing what you got to do...we'll be here when you are ready ;o)

Love the picture...

molly said...

I'm so glad that you are pointing your visitors towards the less spoiled places! Sometimes I daydream about going back home and running a bed and breakfast...I'm sure it's a lot of hard work, but I'd do exactly what you're doing. That is, try to show people, or help them discover for themselves, the amazing beauty of Ireland. In the places that are not spoiled by commercialism.
My Dad grew up in Carlow, and Glendalough is a favourite place of mine. Of course I haven't been there since I was in college. i'm more familiar with the west......