Sunday, February 8, 2009

When is Spring Coming?

Very soon my little friends, very soon! Here are a few photos that I took this past week while out amongst my flock!!!

I feel so sorry for them, the snow melted with in 24 hours but still it must be miserable for them. The lambs look at me as if to say, please let me go with you into the white house over there.
The mothers let me get fairly close to the lambs which was amazing, the must be getting use to us being around them. Come summer time they will run the minute we climb over the fence.

I was standing at my bedroom window ironing 2 weeks ago and 2 cars pulled into our lane and a load of people got out, including children. Our home is on a hill and the lane way is 1/4 mile long but you have a clear view of the entrance. Anywho, these people lined up along the fence and I could see flashes going off!! They had no idea they were being watched!!!! The sheep thought it was me (they aren't too bright) and started running for the fence thinking it was meal time!!!!! The flashes were going off at an alarming rate, they were there for a good while. FarmerBoy told me that I should have brought down the bottles and had them do some bottle feeding for us!!!!

We often have guests in the B&B going out to feed baby lambs, my husband rounds them up (the guests!!) and brings them right out to the field. My daughter is the best, she took a group of Italian tourists (at the age of 7) out to the field to introduce them to our pet lambs -- she was talking away to the people and not one of them spoke any English!!! LOL I hope my kids remember all of this when the are older...
Speaking of which, I think they need a lesson in snowman building!!!!!! It looked like the leaning tower of Pisa!!!!!

Have a good one, I need to go and make icing for a special little girl's birthday cake.

Keep smiling!
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Quilter Going Bananas said...

Love your pics! and the stories of the little lambs. How long does lambing season last?
Happy Birthday to your little girl!

Thimbleanna said... exciting is it over here??? You run a B&B??? What FUN!!! And the sheepies -- how AWESOME!!! Thanks for finding my blog -- now I've found you!!!

YankeeQuilter said...

The last two springs I lived in a small village in England surrounded by sheep...I miss it! I was one of those silly people taking lots of photos and yes, I ended up bottle feeding my share of orphans! (Fun for a city girl from Boston!)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I think I'd like it at your place...I'd get a really kick out of feeding the lambs :o)

Unknown said...

When you find out when Spring arrives...PULEEEZ tell me...I can't wait! Love your lambkin stories

Micki said...

When i come for the next retreat, I will definitely want to see your lambs and sheep. You will see the kid in me very quicly. I loved the pics!

Carolien said...

Poor sheep, lovely daughter, lucky Italians!

Hugs, Carolien