Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Anyone care for a Cuppa?

I just finished this, it only took me 6 months to complete!! I came up with this little design myself -- just winged it or rather I flew by the seat of my pants!!!

Last spring and summer everything was about cupcakes... I wanted to do something for my kitchen table or a wall hanging with said cupcakes but I had no patterns. So off I went and thought about it!

A cupcake is usually in a paper liner and it gives the appearance of a fan-fold, how could I achieve the same look?? I made up a square with 1 inch strips (about 10 strips), then I used my steam-a-seam lite and ironed that to the back. after this I drew out the shape of the cupcake base. I had never done any applique so this was a learning exercise for me as well as an exercise in embroidery since I did a back stitch for the cherry stem!!!!

This table runner has also served as an exercise in machine quilting, something that I am not fond of doing. I did a small stipple around the cupcakes and lettering, and a then a floral vine on the border which I am very happy with.
I of course had my companion sitting by my side, basking in the sun!! My DD's little kitten was sleeping on the chair next to me -- what a perfect day.

We have a very busy afternoon here at Casa Kilbora, I have to go get the children, bottle feed the lambkins and then run off to our local town to fulfill my volunteer requirements for an organization we are involved in. I'm glad that I set aside some time this morning to get this finished, now I have to find some fabric for the binding!

All the best and keep smiling!!!
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Anonymous said...

Oh this runner is too cute! Love it!

Comfort Cove Designs said...

ooh what a cute little quilt!!! too too cute!

Quiltingly Yours

Thimbleanna said...

How CUTE!!! I love the little cupcakes and the wonderful colors. Sounds like you're VERY busy!!!

Helen said...

Meandering isn't very easy!! You did a lovely job. Keep on quilting!

Lauradublin said...

Very cute! I can just picture it in your kitchen.

Carolien said...

Congratulations on your finish! I think it's great, this quilt, it must cheer you up (if necessary :) when you see it!

Bye & take care,

Molly said...

Nice job on your first venture into designing! I drool when I hear about your lambkins and remember how cool and green it is in springtime over there! My mother was a farmer's daughter, the uncles farmed and now the cousins are carrying it on.....

Karen said...

Very cute!