Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cute Little Lambs...Not!!!

First, let me dispel some ideas that some of you may have!! Lambs may be cute but they are a nuisance and they bite!!

These pictures were taken on Friday, the pet lambs have become soooo impatient about getting their bottles they have now taken up residence in our garden. All four of them parade around the house baaing all day long and leave you know what all over the concrete footpath that winds around the house!!!!

Imagine coming down first thing in the morning for a cup of coffee and the first sight you see when you enter the kitchen is four faces peering in at you through a set of french doors!!! And not only are they peering at you but banging the door with their heads and baaing non stop. When you open the door they all charge to come in and let me tell you folks they have hard little heads....

Even the kitten is dismayed, she slinks around them and when they come over to say hello she leaps up onto the window sill. Our golden retreiver, Sophie, ignores them and refuses to look at them when they come up to her and poke her... It's as if she's thinking, "if I don't look at you, then you simply don't exist"!

Can you imagine some poor American or Dutch couple coming to our door and being attacked by this marauding group of hooligans... it might be funny if you were in your car watching and certainly the next morning after breakfast we would all be chuckling, but during the assault -- not so funny!!!

The last straw was this morning, the little suffolk lamb (her picture is below or rather her mug shot!) bit my DD, yes they have teeth and they can be quite sharp!! She broke the skin and we had blood. This happens every year, we disinfect the cut and move on, but still it hurts. They also took up camp around my rose bushes and started eating all the new leaves as well as trampling down the spring flowers that are starting to pop up through the ground.... This was an act of war as far as I was concerned.

I have been scrubbing and scrubbing for days; we are getting the house ready for the upcoming tourist season and they were creating havoc outside which simply means more work for me.... cute lambs my foot!!!!!
FarmerBoy and I had to expel them immediately. We pretended to be their friends and coaxed them with their bottles, once they had finished and were too full to realize that we were not their friends, we grabbed the two biggest ones and carried them to the field with the best security and put them over the fence!!! The two little ones wanted no part of this and ran like bats out of h*ll, squeezing their little bodies through the rails of the fence and running up the field. They must have met up with the rest of their gang because we haven't seen them for two hours. My only hope is that they aren't hiding somewhere preparing to ambush me when I go out for firewood, trust me people if they were just a little smarter they would be a force to be reckoned with!!!!!

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Thimbleanna said...

They bite???? Ouch! How could those adorable little sheepies do THAT??? Your children are adorable!!! Oh, and I hope tourist season doesn't mean less blogging!

quiltmom anna said...

HI Anne Marie,
I remember my grandparents having sheep and I was scared of them because they were so rambunctious( I was a bit of a wuss too) They would chase around after us and they were kind of smelly - I really am a town/city kid ...
Hope your daughter has no ill effects from the bite.

Micki said...

Well, I have a whole new perspective about sheep. There are sheep near our house in fields, and from afar, they look so cute, but your description may have changed my mind a bit. We do have neighbours who keeps them as pets, and they are very calm and gentle, but your guys....You can have them.LOL
Ouch to that bite! Hope your son is feeling better after it.
In Ireland

molly said...

What a lovely story! That from the unambushed comfort of my couch! When we were kids and visited my granny out the country, one of our favourite things to do was to let the newborn calves [we called them "sooky calves"!]suck on our fingers. Which was all very well before they had teeth...after their teeth came in we weren't so eager!

Munching on roses would dim their charms for me too!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Huh? Little lambs bite? Sheesh! Sorry one of your kids got bitten :^(

Don't fret too much about the quilting mojo, you're right to focus on the upcoming tourist season...

Francy said...

LOL! Oh my goodness how funny. I am glad they are at your house and not mine.

(btw: they are cuties :o)