Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Busy Busy March!!

It has been a very busy month, March that is! We have been doing alot of work on the house, painting mostly - both inside and out. I have also been building a new website all by myself!!! I am meeting up with some of FarmerBoy's relations on Sunday and hopefully we can get it up on the internet, keep your fingers crossed!

The first picture over there is my driveway, or rather the lane that leads to my home. It is a quarter of a mile long and is the greatest asset we have. A guest once told me that it reminded him of the show Dallas!!! Okay, whatever!!!! We certainly don't have JR's money but the thought was nice... The downside with a lane like this is that it requires a tremendous amount of maintenance, the gravel has to be raked, holes have to be filled, and the goarse (the prickly green brush) has to be trimmed back. Can you guess what else has to be done? If you guessed the fence you were right! We have been painting the fence on every nice day we get and child labor laws be damned -- crack the whip and let's get painting!!!! We are a third of the way done or maybe a little more than that. There is sheep wire on the fence so it really slows you down and FarmerBoy is a perfectionist so it is pure torture.
The kitchen has been painted, sitting room painted, one of the guest bedrooms has been painted and hopefully the downstairs hallway and stairwell will be done soon. The vegetable garden has been plowed and we are planning to harrow it soon, need to get my potatoes in. The seed trays are done and are in the mini greenhouse. Hmmm, what else have we done!!!

The darling children have all started their GAA season and training is going on, I am in the car non-stop! Middle son is prepping for his second music exam and has sung a solo at church and will be singing at the First Holy Communion this year with the choir.

We purchased a 9 seater bus for our cycling/walking business. I have a meeting with Failte Ireland Business development this week about marketing supports for the activity holiday business. We seem to be going non-stop and hopefully things will come together soon. It took us two weeks of phone calls to find out where to get public liability insurance for the cycling business and it took a week and a half for our insurance agent to give us a quote for our mini bus. Talk about frustration, sweet mother of Jerusalem there are moments when you want to scream!!!!!!

Last night I finally got to sit in my small cubby hole and sew. What a delight it was and I am now up to date with my BOM Mystery Designer Quilt. I have some bindings that need to be sewn down and two quilts that need to be machine quilted which I will hopefully have done soon. I have also decided, after some encouragement from some of my Irish friends in the village, to give quilting lessons one morning a week in the local community center. I will put a notice up in the village in late August as well as the local notes in the paper and the two churches in our village. I am meeting with a rep for a fabric company this week and am going to dabble in selling fabric as well. Do you think I just might have a full plate?? So, now you know why I have been absent for the past few weeks and hopefully I will be less negligent with my blog going forward or at least until all the guests starting flooding in (I can dream can't I!!!!).
All the best!
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Micki said...

I always enjoy pics of your house and land, although maintaining it is indeed a lot of work. Yes, I think that you have a full plate, but it looks like you are getting your projects done. One day, we will have to come stay at your B&B...it is very tempting.

molly said...

As you said yourself Anne Marie, "Sweet mother of Jerusalem! That's not a full plate,that's a full SET of plates! And I know all about the red tape in Ireland. You've surely heard someone say "When God made time, sure didn't he make plenty of it!" So what's your hurry?? Can't believe you have time to quilt too! That is so great that you'll be teaching quilting in the village. I've often daydreamed about going back home and teaching quilting and importing fabric from the States......But the red tape would probably do me in!

Happy Spring! Used to be my favourite time of year growing up...

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, it all sounds so lovely and romantic. Just to come and spend a few days quilting and biking with you -- that would be heaven!

Berna said...

What a beautifulle house!
Greetings from the Netherlands

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Love the pics you've posted. I'm with Micki, I'd love to come and stay at your B&B. I think you're managing all your plates very well. Hope the house painting is all done now and I'm sure the house looks fresh and clean.

NanaNor's said...

Hello there, I just found your blog from Park City Girls quilt festival and am excited to read on. You see I'm not only a quilter but all four of my grandparents came from southern Ireland and I hope that our family will be doing a trip in a few years. I wonder what made you move to Ireland? I am anxious to read more so I'm sure I'll be commenting again.

Rhonda said...

Hi Anne Marie. Sorry I haven't been by lately. Time just seems to get away from me. I've been sewing, cooking, cleaning. I see you've been busy as well. I'll do better. Take care.

Diana said...

Your mystery blocks are perfect, I love the colors..

Mrs Quilty said...

Yes I think you are on the fast lane...wow, how do you do it all? I love the picture of your home and the lane leading up to it! Looks wonderful! What a beautiful mystery block! Now, go take a nap!