Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today was a Special Day!

Today, 20 January 2009 was a special day! At 1:00pm Irish time, 8:00am Washington DC time, I turned on the computer and found the CBS (large tv station in the US) website and settled in for a day of watching the Presidential Inauguration of the USA.

Why was it so special? This is going to be the only time I let my politics show on this blog, and I am doing it for a reason. I was overjoyed that Barack Obama was elected; I have been telling my children all about him and his life; I have explained to them who Martin Luther King Jr. was and what he stood for; they know the story of Rosa Parks; DS1 is reading Muhammed Ali's new book and loving it; and they know that 45 years ago Barack Obama and his family would not be allowed to dine in restaurants in certain parts of America! When they came home from school their dinner was ready and we sat on the sofa and watched this historic event. They understand the significance of his election and for the first time, one of my children said, "I 'm proud that we're Americans".

Last night on tv there was an American law professor, who teaches at NUI Galway, that summed up what it has been like to be an American living abroad for the past 8 years. It hasn't always been pleasant. I probably have felt it more so than other Americans because I am in the hospitality business and would have people from all over the world staying at my home. The amount of American bashing that I have had to listen to both personally from guests, the community I live in and the media has been difficult at times. I keep my mouth shut and rant to my husband!!!! Even my children have been subjected to the most awful remarks at school. It wouldn't happen every day and maybe you would go weeks without a negative word, but every so often it would happen. ****And just so that you know that I do keep my sense of humor with some situations - I have on one or two occasions where I didn't feel like debating with someone, told them I was Canadian!!!!!!! LOL So to all you Canadian readers I thank you!!!

President Obama has a heavy load to carry right now and I know that he is the right man for the right job. So, today was a special day and I will secretly admit an emotional day, but the tears that were shed today were tears of hope and joy not anguish and sorrow!

I am going to go put my soapbox away and I hope that I didn't offend anyone, but I really felt the need to share!!!!
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Sew Create It - Jane said...

As a Canadian, I declare you an honorary member :o)

We watched the inauguration last night and cheered along with daughter was so excited...and she's Canadian too. It was definitely one of those "where were you" moments.

Alanna said...

Hi Ann Marie! I share your feelings. I watched with Fiona last night and we were both proud to be Americans! It was an emotional day for me as well. Tears of joy and happiness that perhapss there will be light that shines through all the doom and gloom that is plaguing the states right now. At least now we have hope.

quiltmom said...

Ann Marie,
I watched the highlights of the inauguration and found it to be inspiring and so filled with hope.
It was indeed a new day-
And we are happy to have you as an honorary Canadian :0)
There is much to be hopeful about

Molly said...

I also watched all day yesterday. Obama has his work cut out for him, but he's like a breath of fresh air after the fella who went before him! I know exactly how you felt, being an American while Bush was in office. Now we don't have to skulk around in shame any more!
I think it was here I heard about the Bunny Hill BOM. I signed up but haven't done the first block yet. I like how you did it.....

Seven Springs Quilter said...

Thanks for your blog. I have lived in quite a few foreign countries and been spit on by citizens of those countries who would not exist today if it were not for the help American has given in the past to the world. Pam K.

Pat said...

I am Cathi's mom and I too cried with you. In my 65 years this is one of my happiest moments. God Bless America and Candada too. Eh?


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