Thursday, January 8, 2009

January Blues!

When the January Blues set in, I just pull out fabric that reminds me of summer, especially fabric that reminds me of clothes my mother used to make for me as a young whipper snapper! I was feeling rather nostalgic this past weekend; I celebrated my 45th birthday on Tuesday and I needed to revisit my youth. I bought this kit from my favorite online source, The FatQuarter Shop, last summer when it went on sale. This is Swell by Urban Chiks and is a Moda University quilt pattern.

I fell in love with the fabrics but now I remember why I put it away last summer, the piecing of it is driving me crazy. Maybe it's my middle age failing eyesight LOL, who knows!

The top two blocks were done last summer and I just completed the bottom one. I have another block completed and I need to hopefully sew it onto this row tonight. The quilt is 4 blocks by 4 blocks. I think when I'm done it will look lovely but the piecing is overwhelming me right now. However, I won't quit until this is finished.

I have vowed to finish all my half started projects this winter, there are too many containers hanging about my work space filled with projects like this cutie over there.

Now onto other business! I have had a wonderful response to my Retreat invitation, in fact if I receive any more interest I am going to have to ask if I can use some of the tables from the community center and the overflow will have to bunk down at the other B&B in the village!!!

We also have a nice mixture of Irish, American and Australian women attending. There are women that are coming that don't know anyone else, women bringing a friend and there will be a good balance of beginner to advanced. I congratulate all of you for being so quick and so excited at the prospect to meet other like minded souls and hopefully learn and share with others!!! YOU ROCK LADIES!!!!! My greatest hope is that everyone enjoys themselves and hopefully we can set a trend.

Life is very busy here in my house right now, lambing lambing lambing..... We are also in the process of having a new website designed by Cada Media in Gorey. We are moving forward with our new venture, Cycling and Walking Holidays here in the beautiful Southeast corner of Ireland (how was that for a shameless plug?!!!). Once that is complete we have to start planning our vegetable garden and get the sowing of seeds mapped out on the calendar. Organization pays to be a type A personality!!!

All the Best and if you have any last minute interest in joining us for our Quilt Retreat please email me for the dates and info!!!

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VerrySherry said...

It's a bit like the Card Trick block, one geo shape under another? I'm lost to outline the two blocks, looks like more. Love the fabrics. Can't wait til the Retreat--ha! guess what? DH is the lucky winner, a fun filled weekend with his favorite girls--what more could he ask for? Wait, don't ask.
thanks for being a great ringleader!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Hi Anne Marie! Your quilt top looks like it's made up of quarter-square triangles. Those can be tricky, dealing with bias

Your retreat sounds awesome, I'm jealous over here in cold snowy Canada...

Carolien said...

Hello Anne Marie,

What a nice top you made! Very sunny and 'summery' indeed.
Great your new plans are received well, that's what I was hoping for you ... Good news!
And oh, I love lambs, sigh ...

Have a nice weekend! Greetings, Carolien

quiltmom said...

Hi Anne Marie,
What a great quilt - it looks so fresh and breezy - it will make the room light up when you get it finished.
It sounds like your quilt retreat is going a great success- I too am envious of the warm snowless days you are having- I am sure that all the quilters will have lots of fun together- It is such a great way to fjord new friendships.
Time to do some schoolwork- I have chicken soup cooking and the Santa's put away- We will take down the tree this evening- Christmas is definitely over...
Happy New Year