Monday, January 19, 2009

Block 1 Revision!

Sorry, I had to post a picture of block 1 with her eyes and mouth drawn on as well as the vine that holds the leaves! I have to press it although in person the block doesn't look this puckered, maybe this picture is before I did the final pressing. My mind is a fog, I just can't remember.

Tonight is a big night for us! We are enrolling our oldest son in secondary school, high school to some of you!!!! I can't believe my baby is going to secondary school. And the scary part is he is almost as tall as me which by the way is 5'11". It seems like only yesterday we were taking him to school for the first time... good god the years are flying by.

Take care and keep smiling!!!
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Rhonda said...

I love your block. I'm doing the same BOTM.
Children grow up so fast when you look back.
Take care.

Karen said...

Pretty block. I just finished preparing all the pieces for this one. I better get stitching, January is almost over. :)

Carolien said...

Hello Anne Marie,

Your first block looks great! I hope your kids will enjoy the snow ... Have a nice weekend & hugs, Carolien