Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Finish and a Question!!!!

Regular readers will recognize these two quilts! I have been working on them forever, and now all I have to do is quilt and bind them. They will be enjoyed by two little twin girls named Ciara and Maeve!! I like Ciara's the best, the black fabric gives the quilt some extra punch not to mention that I did the borders wrong!!! What can I say, I was tired and when I hung them up I thought it looked kinda cool so I didn't bother to do any ripping!! I designed these quilts and as far as I am concerned it is my artistic interpretation to do as I please!!!

Do you like my new take on hanging quilts?? I saw someone else do that and I thought what a great idea, no more asking family members to hold up my artwork.

So, here is my QUESTION.... If you live in Ireland you might want to give this some thought...

Today, Cathi of Celtic Knots and I exchanged a few emails and I have been toying with this idea for a few weeks so I will throw the invite out there. I would love to have a quilt/craft retreat at my house sometime in February. I am more than willing to do it over a weekend so that our DHs can mind the children and afford you a weekend away. There will be no cost involved, just a contribution of some sort of food or beverage item that can be shared!! Since I own a B&B and have plenty of bedrooms, those of you gals traveling from the 4 corners of Ireland can stay either Friday or Saturday or both nights if need be. We had a retreat here last year and we all had a great time. Let me know what you all think and for those of you that are reading my blog and live in Ireland but have never commented please don't be shy and send me an email. If you would like to come and you have a quilty friend, just bring her along. I will contact the usual suspects and see if we can come up with some idea of a good weekend.
Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed didn't they??!!!! I don't think he likes being photographed, neither do I, that's why I always have the camera!!!!! LOL
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Alanna said...

Sign me up Anne Marie!! I'll be there!!

Laura said...

I would love to take part. I've never responded to your blog before but I read it regularly!
Laura at lauradublin2002@yahoo.com

Rhonda said...

Pretty quilts!

Linda M. Poole said...

Hi Anne Marie! I just love your blog. so how is it you are an American living in Ireland? I actually began my quilt teaching career overseas before the USA. Taught in the UK alot! DO you ever have American teachers teach your retreats?....Linda

Micki said...

Tell me when you plan on having the retreat and I will see if I can come. It sounds like great fun!

quiltmom said...

Sounds like a fun time for you all- We have a retreat now and again and bring food and make a quilt top - it is a great opportunity to connect and be productive too.
I wish I didn't live so far away- I will look foreward to hearing about all your quilty fun.