Thursday, October 16, 2008


Warning!!!!! Do Not Cut Fabric While Watching A Movie!!!!!!

As you can see over there to the left, I do actually quilt even though I don't always show you what I am working on! I have a few things brewing but I can't reveal them, this however is a BoM (block of the month) that I am doing with the Fat Quarter Shop. It is the Designer Mystery Block of the Month using Peace on Earth Fabric by Three Sisters for Moda. God that is a mouthful!!!!!

The first 4 blocks went easy peasy, last night I found my mojo and was working away while watching the movie Atonement on my laptop (great movie!!). Well, I was not really paying attention and I may have been slightly careless with the cutting which means that the block is not quite up to snuff!!!!!! Every block measures 12.5", but not that one!!! What am I going to do??? Should I look for some fabric while in the US???? Should I leave it and try to stretch it when I go to put the whole thing together??? The block is coming in at 12 - 12 1/4 (mostly the latter), not my best work.....

I pledge to never watch tv or any other media while cutting again, tsk tsk tsk!!!!

Bye and keep smiling!!!!!
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Sew Create It - Jane said...

Oh dear...thanks for the warning! It's hard to say what to do for the best...obviously if you have the fabric it would be better to make another block...but if that's not possible then how about a thin border all around in the background fabric...It's hard to say how well that would work though if you are only trying to make up 1/4"

Keep us posted on what you decide...