Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just Another Weekend!

First I would like to show you the gorgeous sunset we had last night, all three of my children were outside mesmerized by the color of the sky! I just had to take some photos to share. This past weekend was the end of a very busy 6 weeks. I had more business in the past 6 weeks than June and July combined!!! Not really but pretty close.... The tourist season is winding down and exhaustion has set in. Last night there were no guests in the house and I was extremely grateful for that. I have alot of work ahead of me this week in an effort to get this house back to proper order!!!

The bottom picture is what a small corner of my sunroom looks like right now. The pile of sheets need to be folded and pressed, these are the guest sheets that have accumulated over the past few days!!!! Yes I said days not weeks!!!!! In amongst the sheets is a baby quilt that is waiting to be bound and given to the new mother (well, she was a new mother 6 months ago -- I'm slightly behind!!!). On the table is laptop, magazines (quilting of course), my DS#1 Egyptian project and my sewing machine and basket of tools. I have no guests on my calendar and plan on spending the next week catching up on all my jobs.
I might even finish up a quilt or two or at least give it my best!

All the best and keep smiling!!!!
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