Thursday, October 2, 2008

Come Visit my Workshop!!!!!

Welcome to my little nest! This is where the magic happens, or rather where I wished it happened!!! One of the greatest aspects of blogging is that you get a glimpse of other people's lives. I love it when other quilters show off their space and talk about their studios or work areas. This is mine!!!!!

When we had dormer windows put in late last spring, we gained a little extra space and some much needed sunlight. I was "allowed" to claim one of the dormers for myself. Now this little work area is just outside my bedroom door in the hallway. It's not much, but it's all mine....

Next to my desk is a plastic 3 drawer storage unit for my Fat Quarters!!! How convenient that I don't need to get up out of my chair (which by the way is falling apart). Sorry about the sunlight, I usually work with sunglasses on!!!!
I have moved slightly so that you can see the other little nook!!! Behind the fabulous Fat Quarter custom cabinet is my collection of plastic containers and assorted hold all's! Large basket for assorted stuff like glue, some rulers, threads and anything else that can fit. There are two small plastic containers with all of my threads. Keeping watch over all of this is Woody from the infamous Toy Story Saga (he is in for repairs but we pretend he is the guard). Woody is sitting on a plastic container that holds some projects that are in line to be worked on and the plastic container that the basket is sitting on is for my stash. The bottom container is filled with stash!!!! Farmerboy thinks it's old baby clothes....shhhh!!

This little attractive arrangement is for stash, charm square and jelly roll collections and scraps. The purple baskets have my Thimbleberries stash and other assorted fabrics. I have two types of stash, both are equally unhealthy!!!! I buy fabric online when it is on sale and this is randomly purchased, I try to purchase a variety of colors, textures and print sizes. I also collect fabrics from a certain collection or designer. For example, I love Three Sisters designs from Moda. I have a nice litte stash of their fabrics as well as April Cornell fabrics. I am a huge fan of Lakehouse fabrics and enjoy collecting that year in and year out.

My space is small and cramped, but it is all mine and sure beats the kitchen table where I have been for quite some time. Someday when all my chicks have flown the nest I will have a spare room to set up in and I am sure I will be missing the little chicks more than enjoying my bigger space. So I am happy and grateful for my little hole in the wall!!!!!
Plus this is my view!!!!!!!!!! Can't beat that!!!!!!

Have a good one and keep smiling!!!!!
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VerrySherry said...

I'm so jealous. as I walk back to the dining room... (do we eat tonight or do I get to finish the binding? That is the question of the hour.) Congrats you deserve your space!

Mrs Quilty said...

Gorgeous view..makes it perfect place to sew!