Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Memory Lane

I thought for today I would take a trip down memory lane!!! You see I am heading off to the US of A very soon and these quilts are going with us to their new homes.
The first quilt over there on the left is for my mother and father. It was done with Roman holiday fabric from Moda and was a kit from the Fat Quarter Shop last Christmas. All of my quilty pals say that it is not very Christmas and could be used year round. I am sure they will enjoy it and if they don't then I will take it back!!!!! Don't put it past me!!!

These two quilts are going to be winging their way across the US to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The light color quilt was one of the first quilts I showed on this blog way back in January. Hopefully my neice will enjoy this quilt and will look pretty in her room. And if not then I will take it back.... I mean business people!!!!!!!!

The Thimbleberries quilt with the trees will be hopefully gracing the back of my sister's sofa in her living room. They live in Washinton state, close to the Canadian border near Vancouver, the thimbleberries will fit in with their enviroment perfectly!!!!! If not then you know that I will take it back!!!!

I love my quilts and grow very attached to them so I only like sharing with people that I am pretty sure will appreciate them!!!

We are all very excited about our trip to the states, the only sad bit is that FarmerBoy has to stay at home and take care of the animals. He has no more holiday time left this year and what few days he does have needs to be saved for Christmas. It will be tough not having my shopping monitor with me, ohhhhh myyyyy what shall I do!!!!!

My children are sooooo excited to see their grandparents and indulge in some purely American food. This holiday will be all about the food!!!!! Their first request was to ask my mother to have root beer and some of that really good danish. They also want to go to the Donut Inn for chocolate donuts on the first morning, do ya think we might have a problem with hyperactivity later in the day or a serious sugar crash!!! Yikes!!!! High on their list is pizza, hot dogs (the real ones not like the Irish ones), cheddar cheese popcorn and last but not least Candy Corn!!!!! They can thank me for that one, I can't wait to get my hands on some Brachs Candy Corn, it's all I can think about.

High on their list of activities is a walk at the woods, go to the playground at the beach (personally they are a little to old for this but I will indulge them so that they move on), ice skating rink and last but not least Toys r Us. They left the US when the oldest was 5 and the youngest wasn't quite 2, whenever they go to visit they are overwhelmed with the sizes of the stores and the amount of choices available. We are looking forward to a great holiday. It has been two years and our visit is long overdue!
Bye and keep smiling!!!!!!
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Sew Create It - Jane said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip. The quilts will be surely adored as they are beautiful! Enjoy the food...I know when I finally make a trip back to Canada it will be all about the food and bringing home as much Kraft Dinner as I can carry...something about that stuff that is so comforting...My DH doesn't get it at's the whole powdered cheese that turns him off. :o)

Carolien said...

Hello Anne Marie,

I hope you will have a good time in the USA. And oh! What a lovely, big, precious and beautiful presents you take with you! My compliments, a thousand times!

Take care & greetings, Carolien