Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Sound of Silence!!!

I know that I have been a very bad blogger, life just somehow keeps getting in the way. Silence has decended on my home, no guests for the past several days. I have one more free night and then I start all over and go straight through until the end of the month. This time of year is very difficult, working 18 hours a day and caring for the family takes first priority and then everything falls where it falls!! The other night we all went for a walk in the woods behind where we live, the kiddos wanted to show me two things. First the Blue Bells!!!!! The entire wood is carpeted with blue bells, the scent is incredible. The second item on their list was a swimming hole, actually it's a stream. I look at my children sometimes and realize that they are real country kids, they can't wait until it's hot enough to go swimming in the stream!!! Even FarmerBoy is looking forward to it.

Here is the gang rambling along the path, the local gun club keeps these trails cleared. We all benefit from their hard work, a woman and her horse were out treking and stopped to talk with us. This of course led to a long conversation with our little princess!!! She is desperate for a pony, "everyone has a pony, why can't I"!! FarmerBoy argues with her but she manages to come up with a solution to every obstacle. We have land for grazing, we have barns (just need to build a stall in the barn) and of course she promises to take care of it day and night. Yeah right. Mommy and Daddy will be out their shoveling you know what everyday. Little miss muffit can't feed the dogs and cat without an emotional breakdown!!!!!!! I pacified her by making a promise to take her riding and the two of us will take some lessons together, then and only then will I make a decision. FarmerBoy and I would love to get a pony and horse, I really want a donkey but that is another discussion for another day! We don't think she is ready for the responsibility, time will tell.

If there is anyone out there who is preparing to travel to Ireland within the next couple of weeks, please do me a favor!!! Bring warm weather with you, it is really cold here -- I mean really cold!!

I have quilt pictures to show you but I just noticed that they are missing, I will do another post.


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Sherry said...

We miss you. But the walk looks so lovely!! Good for you. And, me? Well, I say Yes to the pony. Princess is too cute to deny...hehe easy for me to say yes, uh?