Sunday, April 27, 2008

Overtired, Overworked and Seriously Underpaid!!

I have not had a moment's peace in several weeks. Between paying guests and children's activities I have been run ragged. I have been ordering fabric and patterns in the hope that as soon as my student helper arrives from Austria I will have a bit more leisure time!!!

We are growing very concerned about the tourist season, we need the income that I make from Bed and Breakfast to help us get through the winter and the past two winters have been difficult. We (farmer boy and I) have decided that the B&B will close this September and I will return to the workforce (the one outside the home!!!!), it is becoming increasingly difficult to earn a wage and the children are suffering because of the demands on my time. I am soooo excited to be reentering the real world and taking some courses to update my skills, even the children are happy! Of course I promised them a big holiday to Disney World Florida if they pitch in and do their fair share, actually I'm the one who wants to go to Disney and it would be cruel to leave them behind!!! Farmer Boy and I are huge fans of the waterparks, I kid you not we are overgrown children when it comes to water and Disney!!!

Many apologies for not writing, I have been toiling away and barely had enough time to read my emails. I am trying to work out a system this week of cutting fabric for patterns and then putting them in ziplock bags for safekeeping. This hopefully will make it easier to just pick up some piecing when I have a free moment, NOT!!!

So Long and keep smiling!


Alanna said...

Hang in there Anne-Marie!!!

Verry Sherry said...

Nice to see ya online! I know you are so buys--you are missed!

EVA said...

This is the first time I got to read your blog, Anne Marie. How much fun to see the pictures though I missed your smiling face as well as those, of course, of Sophie, Sheila and Sammy!!! What's up with that?
Boy, do I wish I could have spend some time with you again and helped at the B&B. But, based on my (very limited) experience there last June I understand your OO&U comment.
Well, if I do make it back to Ireland I will certainly make it a priority to stop in and see you (if that's okay with you, of course).
Let's stay in touch; one never knows where the path will lead.

Cheers, Eva

Anna K. said...

Oh, I've missed you, Anne Marie!