Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Beauty!!!

Sherry and I have a friend named Rebecca. Rebecca is from Australia and is a beautiful quilter, she has purchased a long arm machine and is practicing before she heads off to a Long Arm Summer School. I gave her my "Simplicity" quilt to practice on and look at the pictures. I can't wait to put the binding on!!!

Rebecca did a gorgeous job. Thank you Rebecca!!!

On the homefront there is nothing much going on. The sheep are fairly self sufficient right now, although they will be sheered soon and I will certainly be there to take pictures! The children are all involved in their activities and are anxiously awaiting their summer holidays.

Summer is a far cry away, it is still very cold here and we have had gale force winds since Saturday. The weather is wet and miserable, it feels like October. This did not stop us from having a party here at our house this past weekend and all the usual suspects were there. The comments I have received from everyone is how pleasant and friendly everyone is. The circle grows bigger and bigger and all are welcome. I think the reason we all get on so well is that we are all expats and have a shared experience of being on the outside looking in.
So that is all folks, enjoy these pictures and hopefully I will have more to show soon!

Bye and keep smiling!

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VerrySherry said...

Was that the quilt she took home to work on on Sunday? That is insane and beautiful!!!

Anna K. said...

Totally impressed and in love with the colors! I've seen a long arm machine before on a tv program, but I've always wanted to see it used in person. It looked like fun.

Molly said...

I love the colors and prints--beautiful!

Na-Da Farm said...

That is just beautfiul! Wonderful job on the colors. I found you from searching for Anne Marie (that's my name too :) and farm (we live on a farm too! :)
From one Anne Marie to another - isn't farm life great!