Saturday, May 3, 2008

Finally - A quilt!

I bet you all thought I had forgotten what this blog is all about!!! I really want to focus more on the quilting than the family but sometimes they don't let me quilt. So my revenge is to talk about them and they don't always appreciate that. (Evil laughter ringing through my empty house)

This first picture does not do this fabric justice. The fabric is "Simplicity" by 3 Sisters From Moda. I can't get enough of it, I want more and more and more. It is the sweetest fabric and so delicate and cheerful, it brings a smile to my face just working with it.

I also think I have mastered the whole charm square dilemma, a charm square is a 5" precut square and you usually get one square for each of the fabrics in the designers line. So in this fabric line I received 48 or 50 charm squares. The charm square are cut with a pinking scissor or whatever they use in the factory. I sewed the four squares together and then trimmed them down and it worked a "charm"!!!!

The border will hopefully get down tonight and will be ready to be quilted. The pattern is Legacy "Butter Charm and Jelly" (I have to double check that). I have another quilt all cut up and ready to piece. Another cute fabric from Moda, Swell by Urban Chicks. Hopefully I will have that ready to show you soon or maybe not, it all depends on how demanding the guests are!!!!

Bye for now and hoping to be back soon!!!
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Sew Create It - Jane said...

Pretty pretty pretty!! I can see why you can't get enough of this fabric. it's lovely!

Sherry said...

yummy baby sweetness! What's its final destination?

Kim said...

Very pretty! Isn't it nice to work with a fabric you love? For that matter, isn't it nice to work with a fabric? LOL! I hope you find a little quilting time, but it sounds like you'll be pretty busy shortly with your guests. Fit in some sewing time when you can, and just lock the family outside! LOL!

Anna K. said...

Love the colors and the different patterns! Reminds me of spring.

I'm with Sherry...what's its final destination, Shug?

PS~ I like that you post about quilty stuff and family stuff!

Lisa D. said...

That's a beautiful use of those fabrics! Really pretty.