Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stars and Plumbers!

This is what I have been doing on the quilting scene lately!!! I have made three sets of each of the color combinations you see here. The quilt that I am working on requires 44 stars. I have enough fabric cut to make close to 180 stars, I am not going to be doing this on my own so don't fret. This is going to be one purdy quilt, I am using the Allspice Fat Quarter bundle and yardage that has been sitting in my stash for not quite a year but getting close to it!!

I have also added a playlist over there on my sidebar with a beautiful song that I fell in love with when I first heard it over on Liberty Star Farm . Hauntingly gorgeous!!

Now, let me tell you what my day has been like. I need to share and I hate to whine but FarmerBoy isn't here so this is my only outlet today. This morning I had a house full of guests and while they were all eating breakfast I was cleaning the kitchen. To properly clean a greasy kitchen you need hot water, really hot water! Guess what? There was no hot water, nada - none to speak of. Could all those guests have used up all that hot water, no way!!!

The boiler isn't working, on a saturday and FarmerBoy is unreachable doing his FarmerBoy thing! I called my ever so faithful plumber and put on my sweetest voice, "Please, Please Please come and fix my boiler...."! Guess where he is??? In the southern most part of our county, playing 18 holes of golf...... Crap!!! What am I going to do?????

I have a house full of people tonight, no hot water and a massive headache from the stress of it all!!!! So what do I do? I ignore all the problems and I play with my blog and catch up on all my favorite blogs!!!! Thank you for listening, I feel so much better now!

There are a couple more close up pictures of my stars, I think when I am finished here I am going to start working on more stars. Why worry about something that I can do nothing about and when the going gets tough the tough get sewing!!!! LOL

I love these two as well as the brown floral above with the small print background.

Thankfully all of my guests are Irish and I will simply offer them a discount and use of my electric hot shower (which by the way I have to go clean). They are here for the motorcross races, all men and we all know that men can be very easy peasy about stuff!!!! Heck, if I look pathetic enough maybe one of them will look at my boiler. That sounds kinda of, wait I hear a truck....could it be, YES its the plumber!!!!!!!

What a great guy, he fixed the boiler. Yippee, we have hot water!!!!! He is my hero!!!!!

So long!!!!
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VerrySherry said...

oh you are shooting for the stars. heheh
what is the finished size of the block?
Believe it or not, I'm working on my star quilt too. Same star. I only need to do the borders though. Whew!
They look lovely. Busy you!

mh said...

Love your quilt. I like the pattern &the colors. We'll be thinking of you on the week-end. Love to

Anna K. said...

Oooh, I can't wait to see what your quilt looks like when it's finished. I have a particular fondness for quilts with stars and yours are quite lovely!

Yay, for the plumber showing up!!

Anna K. said...

P.S. The song is gorgeous.