Saturday, March 8, 2008

When the Cat is away the Mouse does alot of Damage!

Well, I don't even know where to begin!! This morning I awoke at 6:30 to serve breakfast to a lovely Danish couple at 8:00 am, then I had to depart at 9:15 to deliver DS#2 to the County Wexford Art Competition. The location of the competition was southwest of Wexford town so I knew I was going to just hang out and wait for him, what I didn't know was that the children had three hours to complete their drawing!! Yikes, that is alot of time to kill especially when you know that your child is the pokiest child in the world and will use every 180 minutes!!!! Soooooo, at 1:00 pm I am headed home at last. I have an hour and a half to make us lunch and clean the kitchen and then head back out the door. DS#2 has a karate belt test at 3:00 and that is another 2 hours of sitting around watching his nibbs hi-ya the tester, over and over and over. This day is going to be horrendous and on top of it all I don't feel well (stuffy nose, achy, cough and other yucks).

Back up to the coming home at 1:00, are you ready for this???!!!! Farmer Boy, oh brother I want to smack him, is mowing the grass with DS#1 and is giving him lots of instructions. You know, Do as I say not as I do!!!! Farmer Boy came to the steep embankment behind our house and stopped his brand new toy and said to DS#1, "never try to drive down the embankment, you could overturn the mower and get seriously hurt". The ding bat then proceeded to put the mower into drive and went down the embankment, he slammed into our caravan (camper trailer/RV) the hood of the mower is damaged and the fenders on the left side of mower are cracked and hanging off!!!! He is telling me this story will trying not to laugh and waiting sheepishly for me to hit him, which I would like to. Honestly, I think its time for a trade-in!!!! LOL

P.S. DS#1 gives a very funny blow by blow account of the whole incident, I think he may actually have more sense than his father!!!


Anna K. said...

Gosh, that is such a MAN thing! At least someone got a laugh out of it....even if it wasn't you. I'm sitting here chuckling as I'm typing this comment! So glad no one got hurt. I'm sure
Farmer Boy wasn't expecting to give a practical demonstration on the evils of going down the embankment on his new toy!

PS - Hope you get to feeling better, my dear! If you're like me, you just don't have time to get sick! Take care of yourself...

Verry Sherry said...

is that a trade-in husband or trade-in for the mower. Ahh, I like Farmer Boy...I vote to keep him around.
Feel better soon!