Monday, March 3, 2008

Blessed are the Multi-taskers!

Welcome to March, how does the saying go, in like a lion and out like a lamb!? It is very cold and windy here in my corner of Ireland. This morning my children were up and dressed and up the fields to get their chores done so fast. Why you ask? Because it was snowing!!! The first snow we have seen this year, something that my children say they miss most about not living in America is the snow. Truth be told, only the oldest remembers snow and I think his memory is starting to fade abit. I have been very negligent with my blogging lately, many apologies. Farmer Boy has me running in circles, couple that with guests (the paying kind) and the kids and all of their activities and you have a recipe for disaster. We are getting ready for construction to begin, we are adding 4 dormered windows to the front of our house. I can't believe they are going to strip back the roof in March, I just want to be sick I'm so nervous. Here is the table runner I finished last week, there are a couple of wonky blocks but I don't care. This is so cheerful to look at, it is the January project of the Darlene Zimmerman Clothesline Club.
It is not quite complete yet, we need someone to spill ketchup on it. One child who shall not be mentioned is addicted to ketchup and somehow manages to get it on everything. Because of the impending construction, I have had to move all my quilting supplies and fabrics downstairs into the conservatory or sun room off the kitchen. I want to start a new project but I haven't made much of an effort to do any cutting instead I watched movies all weekend during my so called free time LOL!!! I don't really watch tv, nothing on and I have to compete with the children for the television - they always win. After watching the Oscars I went out and purchased the following movies, Elizabeth the Golden Age, La Vie en Rose, and Michael Clayton. All were fantastic and highly recommend. The movie, La Vie en Rose, was particularly good.

Here is my next project, Prairie Paisley by Minick & Simpson. This is the Moda University Club quilt which I decided to purchase on the spur of the moment. The fabrics are beautiful, I am going to have to force myself to start cutting this up so I can get cracking. I am off to the Agri store right now to pick up six bags of Sheep meal and then off to the school for a craft hour with DS#2. I received an invite on Friday, no idea what they are doing. DS#2 is my artistic child, he is competing this Saturday in The Wexford County Finals Art Competition. He is so excited, I hope he does well! Well off I go again, have a good one everyone!!
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Verry Sherry said...

ketchup! hmf! I was wondering what was missing on my runners! I'm doing an Easter runner now--not sure about the ketchup. Will syrup do?

Anna K. said...

Ha! At least the ketchup works with the color scheme - and what a cheerful one it is!
Sounds like you're just the teensiest bit busy, Shug. Glad you got to chill with some good movies, though. I love a good movie almost as much as a good book! I just got season 5 of the Inspector Lynley Mysteries. I've been watching one episode a night for my chill out time. Speaking of which....Gotta go!

P.S. Would love to see pics of DS#2 and his artwork, if he gives his permission...?