Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Bunny is Out of the Bag!!

A very sad day in our house! Another milestone has been hit and passed, the Easter Bunny is dead.... So is the toothfairy! According to my three little darlings, a discussion has taken place in their bedrooms and they have come to the conclusion that I am the toothfairy as well as the Easter Bunny. However, there is no way that I am Santa Claus. According to DS #1 I am too cheap to be Santa, I would never in a million years give them all the wonderful gifts that they receive on Christmas. Should I be slightly insulted by this, I'm not sure, LOL!!!! The gig is up and I have been found out. So this year the little darlings put in requests for Easter. They wanted the giant Cadbury Eggs and if I could throw in some Cadbury creme eggs they would be very appreciative. Quite matter of fact.

I gave them a right lecture about not telling other children, particularly small children that I am the Easter Bunny. Especially since we are going to an Easter egg hunt on Saturday over at VerrySherry's. How annoyed would those parents be I asked them? Can you imagine the embarrassment, LOL!!!!

I would like you all to take a good look at the bicycle that FarmerBoy fixed up for me and very proudly presented it when all was done!! First of all, it is 50 years old and the tires wobble. Secondly, it is too small (I am 5'11 and this bike is for someone 5'4). There are no brakes and it squeaks something fierce.

When we made our annual camping trip to Co. Kerry this past summer, I refused to ride it. A protest of sorts, my family went off on their bikes (FarmerBoy used the one he fixed up for me) and I walked. We were staying at the caravan/campgrounds on the Muckross Road in Killarney for 8 days and the entrance to Muckross House and the Killarney National Park was just across the road. It was heaven on earth. We were also quite lucky that the weather that week was the best weather of the summer. Just outside the caravan park was a bicycle rental hut and my parents offered to rent the children bikes for the day because their bikes were in pretty bad shape (no brakes, too small - frankly dangerous). Well FarmerBoy was standing firm in his conviction that he had a wonderful bike and that there was nothing wrong with it... While standing at the hut the children were picking out NICE bikes, FarmerBoy was standing there with his 50 year old Raleigh and a group of Americans came up behind us and one of them kept staring at FarmerBoy and his pride and joy! The American said to someone in his group, "Is that what they are renting out" in a tone of absolute disbelief!!!!! We were hysterical, no that is just my husband on his precious antique! You have to see it in person to really appreciate it. There is a wire clothes hanger holding the rear fender on and the front fender rubs against the tire. Feel my pain, please!!!

I have been a very busy gal on the quilting front, but it has been mostly finishing up all of my projects. You know; adding borders, machine quilting and sewing on the bindings. I am half way through a Christmas quilt that FarmerBoy bought for me this Christmas (I bought it with his credit card and wrapped it beautifully I might add - then placed it under the Tree). I have all the blocks done and need to put it all together. Hopefully I will have something to share with you soon.

Take care and keep smiling!!!!

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Anna K. said...

Your kids are a hoot! I laughed out loud when I read the part where DS#1 said you were too cheap to be Santa.
About the bike....I guess you have your craffts/hobbies and he has his. I just wish it was something less life threatening!
I'll be sure to keep an eye out for pics of your finished projects. -Did you really buy and wrap your own Christmas gift? Sounds like what I had to do this year with my hubby being deployed!

Verry Sherry said...

oh my gosh. Talk about laughter in the morning! Woe is you. First, you've been found out. that sucks. You gotta hand it to those kiddies--they're smart--no sense denying Santa. We sorta glide over the Easter Bunny profile as I find so many Irish don't build it up. Specially since we hide the eggs midday--not break of dawn like in my childhood.
Secondly, the bike. Oh. the. bike.
Kudos to both you and FB for standing your ground equally and in opposition. Too funny!

Janet said...

Sounds like my husband!!! I call it his "immigrant mentality". His family is from Latvia and really did alot with alittle- He's an engineer so that mentality doesn't have to still be there. Sigh!