Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another Day, Another Potato

Hi Everyone! I'm afraid not much going on in the quilting department, I have too many things going on here and not enough hours in the day. I would like to share with you a picture of the bag of potatoes that I buy at my local shop!! There are a few generalizations that are in fact true. The Irish do eat alot of potatoes, however that trend is changing and potato farmers are slightly nervous about their market disappearing. Some of the best potatoes I have ever eaten have been grown local to our home here in Wexford. Pasta and rice are starting to make trouble for our poor potato, not with Farmer Boy. He loves my pasta dishes and will only eat rice with chicken curry, other than that he is a potato boy. We go through this sack in about 5 days!!! This is a 10KG or 20 lb sack of spuds.

Here are a few of the locals, very curious locals. They are soooo cute and a pleasure to have around, sometimes. These are the lambs that were born in January, they are coming on well and must be enjoying the sunny weather we had yesterday. We often have visitors (B&B guests) with children around Easter time and this is a huge attraction! Because we are small timers (hobby farmers to be exact) we spend alot of time amongst our flock and the lambs will approach us to see what we are all about. Children love this, even the local children that come over for playdates love going out into the field to feed the lambs. I know my three children appreciate this, in fact they are quite proud of their abilities to handle and feed the lambs on their own. Memories that will last a lifetime.

Farmerboy and I very fortunate and we are grateful for all that we have been blessed with.

Beautiful Day until Farmer Boy revved up the chainsaw and ruined it for me LOL!!!! I was sitting in the field having a Cafe Ole moment, taking pictures and soaking up some rays when he destroyed it LOL!!!!! Honestly I wish I had a video camera, and do you think he could pick the furtherest point away? No, he decides to start on the fallen tree right near me. Now you know why I hide from him, he has been sent out today to look at riding mowers. Another toy for him play with, you'd never catch him buying a food processor though. Now that is something we could really use!!

Have a great day and keep smiling!!
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Anna K. said...

Chainsaw racket or no, keep on taking those pictures and sharing them!
I loved what you said about your children being proud of knowing how to feed and handle the lambs. I think it's wonderful that they feel that way! Not only memories to last a lifetime, but life lessons as well...?