Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weekend project

Here is what I accomplished over the weekend! It is the Thimbleberries quarterly project, click on the picture to get a better look. As usual I managed to mess it up. Do you see the mistake? It is the most common mistake I make, turned blocks. Two Trees are correct and two trees are miraculously growing upside down!! Even my children caught that one and caught it rather quickly I might add! Middle son looked at the quilt (he's only 9) and looked at the picture on the instructions and said, "two of your trees are going the wrong way". Then he laughed, smart alec!!! If you use this on a table it won't matter, we were going to hang on the wall in the dining area of our kitchen. Every quilt has to have a humility block and with out a doubt mine always do LOL!!!! This was an easy peasy wallquilt, now I have to do the same blocks and put them aside for the big quilt kit, I will pay better attention.

On the Farm front there is nothing much new, we have close to 50 lambs but we have lost a few to scour. A very unpleasant diahrrea(sp?) like condition, poor little babies. The weather has been pleasant, lots of sun for the past 4 days and we hope that continues. The children are looking forward to Thursday and Friday since they have those two days off for mid-term break. It won't be long until the big 2 week break at Easter!!!

Now, I need help from all you bloggers out there! I can only post one picture at a time, why is that. I upload pictures onto Flickr and then when I post I go up to the picture above click on that. I use the box on the upper right hand side, not the html one, where you paste your pictures code and then go to flickr and pick my photo. I pick large size. copy the short code, the second choice. When I pick a second photo and the orange button at the bottom of the screen half disappears and most of the time the two photos don't copy. Do I need to do something about Picassa?? I am a novice and this is driving me crazy, I only just learned about the email address for responses. I was one of those people posting comments on blogs and wondering why no one was answering LOL, now I know!!!!


Nicole said...

I love that quilt! When I first started quilting, I was so enamoured of Thimbleberries. I still love their patterns, and have all the books, but have been distracted by my love of Miss Rosie patterns lately. I need to get back to some of those Thimbleberries designs. Thanks for the reminder!

Verry Sherry said...

Oh that is perfect. And yes, imperfection can be perfection. Just tell the 9yo you're keeping him on his toes!

Kim said...

Oh! You've gotten your Thimbleberries top done before me! I have a quilt "camp" (really just an evening class from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.) on March 7th, and we're supposed to work on them then, so I keep looking at my kit, wishing I could work on it now! LOL!

About uploading the photos, have you figured that out? If not, from the screen where you're composing your post, click on the little photo icon and you get a screen with browse buttons. You can then upload directly from your computer or anywhere else. You can (or should be able to) upload five photos each time. I upload right from the computer rather than Picassa or elsewhere, so maybe THAT makes a difference? Anyway, that's what I know--hope it helps! LOL!