Monday, February 18, 2008

Farmer Boy vs. Spiderman

Well hello out there!! I don't really have anything quilty to show you, except for this flimsie that I did last winter and is still waiting patiently to be finished!! Sidekick and I started a project on Friday, she really wanted to make a tote bag for her Barbie dolls and accessories!!! Of course I don't do simple, no I have to take everything to the next level and only then do I realize what a mess I've made. A third of the way into the bag making Sidekick abandoned me. She was off playing with her brothers and the next thing I know she is off outside running around having a great time. I have yet to finish the bag, I am making it up as I go along so God only knows how long it will take LOL!!!!
I thought I would share a funny B&B story with you. Two years ago, I had a group of 8 men from an english speaking country arrive for a long weekend of golfing. They were here to take part in a fun golf tournament. The first night arrived and the fellas unpacked the big van and settled into their rooms, preparing to go out for dinner and a few pints!! All is well in the world. Me and Farmer Boy settled in front of the telly, children asleep and the guests out for the evening. We went to bed around 11 pm, the dogs are in the utility room in their beds and I set my clock for 6 am, early breakfast for the golfers! Are you with me so far, peace and tranquility!!! Suddenly at 2 am I wake up with a start, there in my bedroom door is a guest, he was only wearing his spiderman underwear, Farmer boy was awoken as well!!!! Farmer Boy, "Who is that, what do you want?" Spiderman SILENCE while he fumbles around looking for the light switch..... Farmer Boy leaping out of bed in his very conservative boxers, he is going to kill me for telling this story..... What do you want says Farmer Boy in his most commanding of voices. Meanwhile I am laughing because it has dawned on me what is going on. Spiderman slowly turns and walks away with Farmer Boy in hot pursuit. Spiderman returns downstairs and into his room while Farmer Boy is running down the stairs trying to simultaneously get dressed.
Farmer Boy is mad..... He returns to the bedroom and starts cursing about the incident, he is really MAD!!! He is going to protect his family from this crazy man!!!! I told him that the man is probably sleepwalking. Farmer Boy is not amused. At 2:30 am, we hear a bedroom door open, Farmer Boy jumps out of bed and runs downstairs only to hear the door close again. This goes on all night, every half hour we are awoken. This poor man was walking everywhere in the house, the dogs were let out and were running around, poor Farmer Boy had to go to work the next morning with no sleep... It was dreadful.
Turns out this man sleep walks whenever he drinks, I told them the next morning that they would have to lock him in the room at night and his roommate would have to sleep with the key. They were so apologetic, the poor man was mortified when I told him that he must know every inch of our house by now!!!! The look on his face.... To this day Farmer Boy is not amused even when I am ROFLOL about all the men running around my house in their undies - it was like something out of a Chevy Chase movie. The following night all the doors to our quarters were locked and the children slept in our room with the door locked. What an eventful weekend!!!
Farmer Boy, he's my hero ROFLOL!!!!!!


Sherry said...

That is too funny--poor FB!
Love that quilt, are you going to quilt it soon?

Anna K. said...

Oh, my! I bet you see it all when you're in the hospitality pun intended, I swear!!
Spiderman undies - seriously?