Thursday, February 7, 2008

Quilt Club start and Traffic

Well, last night I decided that I was not going to get behind on all the things I want to get done before the tourist season starts. At the last minute, after a alot of thinking, I joined the Thimbleberries Big Quilt Club as well as the Quarterly Club. I like Thimbleberries but I have a funny feeling that everyone who quilts goes through a Thimblerries phase!! Some of the fabrics in this collection are ok, not my taste but I can live with them. Anywho, I thought it might be fun to have a project that takes a year and the quarterly projects looked nice so what the heck!! I am going to get going on the sewing this afternoon or evening.

When I moved here to Ireland I found life very difficult, everything was so strange. I complained endlessly about the stupidest things, now I just complain about the weather and so does everybody else. However, I have a serious issue with the driving over here!!! Traffic, bad drivers, speeding (don't even get me going on that one). But honestly get a load of this group, did you ever see such pokey behavior in your life, LOL!!! The traffic they held up, all I wanted to do was get my kids to school!! My mom is going to be seriously annoyed that I published this without her knowledge, snick snicker.....

This little trip was through the Gap of Dunloe in Kerry. We decided to do the trap cars because my special side kick (the one in the green shirt) is a horse fanatic! If you ever travel to Ireland and Kerry is part of your trip, be sure not to miss this tour. We stopped and parked before you get to Kate Kearney's pub, there are two fellas with trap cars on the left hand side and they were fantastic. Alot of great stories and local knowledge. Super Duper Fun!!!!!

All the best and keep smiling!!!


Anne Marie said...

Testing 123, just ignore me!!!!

Anna K. said...

Well, I think you are one brave momma to live in another country, raise a family, run a B&B know you are one busy woman!
The trap cars look like fun and the view is awesome...makes me wanna go!
One question, though...what's the oddest thing (to you) about living in Ireland?