Monday, February 4, 2008

Guess where I've been?

Sorry about my lack of blogging, what can I say except blame them!!!! Honestly, I thought bottlefeeding and tending to little ones was over but nooooo, every spring I have the priviledge of being a new mommy again! We have been very busy, alot of new arrivals here on the farm and when you add the rain and wind to the mixture you find you're having sooo much fun LOL!!! I look at Farmer boy sometimes and I would like to smack him, boy did he sell me a load of manure. This is what I love about working with my husband, every 10 minute job turns into hours of slopping around in the farm yard with the sheep. The little darling refuses to buy a jeep, he prefers to see me laying across the hood of the car holding onto the windshield wipers while he drives across the fields. You know the extra weight on the front tires helps. Don't tell him but it is actually kinda fun except for the time I fell off when we were going around the corner. If my kids were doing this I would be giving out a stink, just because we are in our mid to late forties doesn't mean we can't have fun!! I have finished my red quilt, see previous post, as well as my thimbleberries quilt. As soon as I get broadband I will be able to load more pictures. I have been helping the U.S. economy of late, many purchases from my favourite online quilt shop (the Fat Quarter Shop) and hope to do some cutting later this week. I am getting together with some quilty peeps this Saturday so that should be fun and best of all I won't be on bottle duty!!!

Keep smiling and see you soon!!!


Anna K. said...

Wow, Shug. You are one busy woman! You sound like you're happy, though.
Um, were you serious about hanging on to the windshield wipers while laying on the hood of the car? You HAVE to post a picture of that!

Verry Sherry said...

We want pictures. We want pictures! We want pictures! continue the chant. too funny-- isn't mother's day around the corner?