Friday, January 11, 2008

My Special Sidekick

This is the view from the field behind our home. You can walk all the way up to the forrestry and look out over all the fields in the surrounding area, absolutely beautiful. Yesterday evening my very special sidekick and I had to bring the ewes and their lambs into
the yard for their evening meal of sheeps "meal". We have had some horrendous weather here, in fact I was certain that the roof was going to blow off the house on Wednesday night. Now I know how the three little pigs felt!!!! The rain was coming down in buckets or as the locals would say "lashing". Special sidekick and I got all the ladies in and the lambs, some of whom are now two weeks old and are like naughty teenagers who don't cooperate.

Once all were in the yard, we made a discovery. Here is my Special Sidekick and the newest member of our gang. This little lady was born within the hour, she was still fairly wet and wobbly. The mother had found a quiet spot in the above field to deliver her lambs and we had to ensure that they got into an old stone calf shed for the night. A nice warm manger of sorts! Special sidekick and I carried the little lamb and mommy followed, of course it was the longest walk on an extremely windy, cold evening. Special sidekick has the makings of a great Farmer Girl. She just jumps right in, although she did think that the lamb felt gross since it was kinda wet. Sadly I must report that the twin died and the mother has no milk so it looks like we will be feeding this little lady by bottle over the coming months, we will have to think up a name for her.

On the crafty front, I made a label for a quilt that is going out in the mail as soon as I can sew this on. I used the monogram feature on my machine and this is how it came out, not bad if I do say so myself. I have been immersed in a Thimbleberries project and haven't finished anything lately. I have a bad habit of jumping from one thing to the next. I have to finish up some of these projects soon, my B&B season starts in about two months and I need to do some serious spring cleaning and painting.

All the best and keep smiling!!


sMC said...

hi I found you via Shelly's blog. Welcome to blogland. You do know its addictive don't you.

mh said...

hi, we love the pictures.Keep up the good work.mhjgnktc

Carla said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. I've only been doing it myself for a couple of months and have seen and learned so much from folks all over the world. I love your pictures!