Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Almost There!

Almost finished!!! This beauty has
driven me around the bend, have you ever gotten a quilt finished and found that right in the middle is a block that is turned the wrong way? That is what happened here and not only was one block turned but two! I am working on the border and hopefully will have that done on Friday.
This pattern is from McCall's Quick Quilts, June 2007. The fabric is Thimbleberries Garden Graphics, I am pleased at how it is coming along but I don't think it was that quick. I am a very precise cutter, meaning I measure every square and triangle twice. This slowed me down but the pattern requires a great deal of exactness. The next project is going to be more flexible!
I need to get broadband, yes I know you are all gasping in horror. Pathetic isn't it, I have been trying to download pictures for two hours without much success. I had a gorgeous picture of my feet completely immersed in mud and no it was not a beauty treatment. While I longingly watch the weather reports for my beloved New England and snow, we are building an Ark in our back garden! The rain has been horrendous and the wind quite frightening. Being the great Farmer's wife, snicker snicker, I have to go out and do my so called chores for farmer boy. Well, I usually try to find a hiding place with enough shelter while I pull out my Keepsake Quilters Catalog and day dream about all the goodies I am going to purchase when I go home to visit next fall. Eventually I come out of hiding and feed the sheep and count the lambs and make an attempt at being a good "two bucket woman". That's country talk for strong lass!!!!
So long for now and keep smiling!!


Verry Sherry said...

'two bucket woman' too funny

Kim said...

What a beautiful quilt! It's worth the time and effort you're putting into it! Thanks for stopping in and visiting my blog--I'm glad you enjoyed my post about men and women and the shower! LOL!