Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Little Something!!

I have been working on so many different things lately, both quilty and otherwise! I have designed this little number for FarmerBoy's Grandniece! FarmerBoy comes from a big family and one of his nephews is the proud father of twin girls. I purchased Lakehouse fabric in two colorways, Pink/Orange and Purple/Black in order to make quilts for the new additions. The quilts will have some applique and are going to be twin size. I know that they are not your typical baby quilts but I didn't want them to have cot size quilts but rather something they can grown into!!!!

My second bit of news is that I am now a card carrying member of the IPS, the Irish Patchwork Society!!! Sherry asked me to join her on her visit to my local chapter in New Ross. How could I deny her the pleasure of my company?! She also introduced me to a former neighbor of hers who coordinates a Thursday evening quilting bee in one of the local community halls. So I joined the ladies in Bree last Thursday and was sooo delighted that I went, it is nice to get out and meet other quilters. I plan on attending every Thursday.

Hopefully I will have the Purple and Black combo ready soon and will share a photo of that. The kiddos are going to be home soon so I need to finish up my sewing and get ready for a little homework time!!!!!

Keep Smiling!
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