Monday, August 25, 2008

A Boy's Best Friend

Having grown up with Newfoundland dogs, I couldn't imagine not having some four legged friends in my life! Here is a beautiful picture of middle son and his beloved Sophie. Sophie was abandoned a couple of years ago on a very busy road and made her way up our long laneway. She was in a horrific state and terribly malnourished. She has found a very loving home here on our farm and more importantly she has found her best friend. Middle son and Sophie just adore one another, soulmates.

There is no greater way to teach a child unconditional love than with a pet. Both Farmer Boy and I grew up with pets and so too will our children. It has taught them kindness, patience, loyalty and above all it is better to share your journey in life with a special friend than go it alone. Now if only Farmer Boy would let me get a donkey or two, I really want a donkey!!!!
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Carolien said...

What a lovely entry about your son and the dog. Oh yes! I would take a donkey if I had a farm ... and a goat too :)

Have a great weekend, Carolien